MIL-DTL-5541F Technical Notes

Acquisition requirements.  Acquisition documents should specify the following:

  1. Title, number, and date of the specification.
  2. Type and class required.
  3. Method of application, if restricted.
  4. If touch-up is permitted for mechanically damaged areas.
  5. Colorless coatings, if required.
  6. If touch-up is permitted for contact marks.
  7. Omit the paint adhesion test, if permitted.
  8. If electrical resistance testing is required for class 3 coatings.
  9. When electrical resistance testing is required, specify the required resistance values, frequency of testing, and test method.
  10. Alloy and temper of the process control test specimens
  11. Paint finish system for treated parts, if applicable.
  12. Quantity required.
  13. Sampling plan.
  14. Lot size.


Type I – Compositions containing hexavalent chromium.

Type II – Compositions containing no hexavalent chromium. (RoHS Compliant)

Note – If no material type is specified, type I will be used.


Class 1A – For maximum protection against corrosion on unpainted items, and increased adhesion on painted items.

Used on tanks, tubing, and component structures where only exterior protection is required.

Class 3 –  For protection against corrosion where low electrical resistance is required.

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