Gold Plating

AOTCO provides Gold plating for all applications. We specialize in the Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications, Optical and Electronic Industries.

Gold is the most popular metal which exceeds functionality, practicality and effectiveness in its applications.

Along with providing superior corrosion, tarnish and wear resistance, its application is used for high hardness, high conductivity, solder-ability and excels in high temperature applications. Gold will not form surface oxides.

Gold is Yellow to orange color depending on process used. Gold finishes range from matte to bright finish depending on basis material and type, grade and class of gold used. Brightness of under plating will also affect appearance.

We offer Gold Plating within the following Types/Class:

Type I: 99.7% gold minimum (Grades A, B, or C).
Type II: 99.0% gold minimum (Grades B, C, or D)
Type III: 99.9% gold minimum (Grade A only).

Grade A: 90 Knoop maximum.
Grade B: 91-129 Knoop.
Grade C: 130-200 Knoop.
Grade D: 201 Knoop and over.

At Aotco, we plate to your specified coating requirements.

When you require the optimum in metal plating, call AOTCO. 1-888-275-0880

Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing LLC stands out in a field that demands strict adherence to customer requirements in metal plating.

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