Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing, Inc. stands out in a field that demands strict adherence to customer requirements in metal plating. Whether you need plating for applications in Aerospace, Optical, Telecommunications, Medical and Electronics, you can be confident of AOTCO’s superior workmanship and on-time delivery. 

AOTCO Metal Finishing Co., Inc.

AOTCO is a supplier of specification plating and electropolishing services.

AOTCO’s proud of its reputation, its dedicated personnel, and the longevity of its relationships with satisfied customers.

When you require reliability, engineering know-how, fast turnaround and the optimum in metal plating, call AOTCO.

Since more and more customers are requiring their suppliers to adopt internationally recognized quality management systems, AOTCO Metal Finishing Co., Inc. has implemented the ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100:2009.

Achieving registration to these quality management systems demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality and its ability to abide by internationally recognized quality standards.

Nadcap Accreditation, AC7108 in chemical processing establishes stringent industry requirements. Aotco promotes ongoing improvements.
Because registration/accreditation confirms that procedures are in place and are followed for the processing of product, it allows your customers to feel confident that they will receive the same finish every time.

ISO 9001:2008 is general to any type of industry or business; AS 9100:2009 is specific to companies providing products and services to the Aerospace industry; and while Nadcap can be used by any business, the portions that AOTCO will be adopting are specific to the chemical processing/metal finishing industry. The requirements in the standards pertain to all aspects of our business. They range from management’s responsibilities to review of orders, delivery of product, acceptance by the customer, and everything in between. They include specific steps taken in the processing of product.

Compliance to ISO, AS, Nadcap

In the process of becoming compliant the quality standards, AOTCO had to: Say what we do – do what we say – and prove it

In saying what we do, we created a Quality Policy – stating the quality goals of the company, a Quality Manual (telling why we’ve implemented a quality management system and Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions – telling how we’ve implemented our quality management system. Each procedure and work instruction addresses each element of the ISO/AS/Nadcap Standards.

In proving it, we provided solid evidence that we are doing what we say. Proof/evidence takes the form of completed records, reports, process sheets, etc.

When you require the optimum in metal plating, call AOTCO. 1-888-275-0880

Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing, Inc. stands out in a field that demands strict adherence to customer requirements in metal plating.

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